Open University – P2P University

Para quem quiser experimentar um curso aberto sobre o encontro entre as práticas jornalísticas e o trabalho dos profissionais da computação. Vários brasileiros já deram curso aqui.

The topics that are currently in development are:

  1. The fundamentals of journalism and coding: to help hacks and hackers understand each others’ principles, processes, lexicons, etc. From your first “Hello, World” program to Freedom of Information (FOI) requests — participants will work together, to learn together.
  2. Project management: How do you take an idea from the concept to launch? What are the processes that teams use to meet deadlines & project goals? Learn about project management from real-world examples of it in action.
  3. Edit it. Fork it. The art of collaboration and journalism: What does collaboration mean in the context of digital journalism? What are the tools that can support collaboration online, i.e., programming collaboratively, collaborative video editing, collaborative funding, etc.
  4. Big Ugly Datasets For Thumb-Fingered Journalists: Somewhere out there is a file that ends in three letters: CSV. It will probably be so big, in fact, that it will be nearly impossible to navigate in Excel and not much easier in Access. But it has all kinds of useful information that will help you cover your beat — if only you could load the file, get the data you want from it, and do analysis. (Or, you know what a CSV is and you can rock a database — but where’s the story in this data?). This course will try to answer these questions and more with hands-on assignments.
  5. Maps. Maps. Everywhere: From Google Maps to Grassroots Mapping and back again. What are the different ways that maps are being used to provide context and information, etc.
  • Data journalism and government: Exploring open sources: how to find them, how to work with them, etc. Timely topic given the recent release of data by Wikileaks.
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